Saturday, November 08, 2014

My Sexy Saturday--A Sexy First on a Party Spaceship!

Welcome to another addition of My Sexy Saturday! This week's theme is "a sexy first", and what could be sexier than your first time at an alien orgy on a party spaceship, right?

Here's a seven paragraph excerpt from my latest SF/time travel erotic-romance release in The Time Surfer series. From Fooling Around with the Future...

Fooling Around With the Future

Celine Chatillon
ISBN #:978-1-4874-0118-4

Word Count:29245

Page Count: 141

Heat Level:


Excerpt set up: Shelby is invited to the "dance floor" by Reks, a Saurian bartender who mixes one very potent cocktail. Luckily for her, her boyfriend Quentin knows the ropes.

Shelby furrowed her brow. Her brain had turned into a giant cotton ball, her thinking fuzzy and her logic soft. “Now that you mention it… You’re right. There’s no dance floor. There’s just lots of pillows—and bodies rolling about on the floor on top of other bodies. Is that what they consider dancing in these parts?”

Quentin nodded and smiled. “Smart girl. Are you sure you’re ready for a sexual encounter with a Saurian? They’ve been known to be quite rough on their sexual partners.”

Reks flung a scaly arm about her shoulders and pulled her close. “Hey, buddy, she’s an adult of her species, right? She can make up her own mind about inter-species sex. She seems very open-minded and not the least bit prejudiced against green people.”

I have nothing against green people,” Shelby began slowly, “but I’m a bit new to this alien group sex thing, Reks. Perhaps Quentin should accompany us.”

Both male human and male Saurian eyes widened with surprise. “You don’t say?” Reks scratched what she’d loosely term his chin with a long nail, his tongue darting in and out. “I’ve heard about Terran threesomes. I must say I’m flattered. As long as your friend is okay with it, I’m game.”

I’m okay with it,” Quentin said after a long pause. He whispered in her ear, “You sure you don’t want to experience your first threesome with another human?”

Who says it’s my first?” Shelby stood taller and lifted her chin in the air. “I’m not a total bumpkin. I attended a large state university, you know.”

 Available now from eXtasy Books, Part 1 in The Time Surfer Series, Playing with the Past :

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Enjoy My Sexy Saturday!


A J said...

Hot stuff! :) Thanks for the excerpt.

Celine said...

You're welcome, AJ. ;)

Unknown said...

Made me smile! Loved it!

Celine said...

Thanks, Elsa. Glad it made you smile. :)