Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday--an excerpt from Present Day Partners

Welcome to an "adults only" excerpt for this week's My Sexy Saturday blog tour. The theme this week is "Thanksgiving" and who could be more thankful than lonely Sara Shaw is when her dream lover materializes beside her in her bed? ;) 

 From the third book in the Time Surfer series, Present Day Partners

Present Day Partners

 Shelby and Quentin invite Ivak, the invisible time agent, to present day St. Louis for a bit of relaxation. They introduce Ivak to Sara Shaw, a determined up-and-coming real estate tycoon. Ivak falls hard for the beautiful ice princess and yearns to melt her heart and help her trust again. Can a trip to Sara’s past—and then into her future—persuade her that love exists beyond outer appearances?

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Excerpt set-up: Sara dreams an erotic dream where she isn't alone. Invisible time agent Ivak is standing near by and he hears her pleas to be loved...

“Hmm… yes, please make love to me, dream lover!” She began to stroke his shoulders and plant butterfly-light kiss on his chin, neck and chest. “I can’t see you, so this must be a dream.”

What could he say? What should he do? In all his years at a time agent, Ivak had always played by the rules. He had always refrained from having sexual relations with beings from the past, particularly since his actions could have consequences in the future. His future. He made certain any potential sex partners in the present gave their permission in a sober state so he could feel confident that both his and their pleasure wouldn’t be compromised by a later accusation of coercion or manipulation. Still, Sara had asked him very nicely to make love to her… that should count as giving permission, right? But she was asleep and exhausted, and his taking advantage of the situation wouldn’t be right.

Ivak was just about to disengage himself gently from her embrace when—

“Oh, my!”

Sara was more awake than he’d given her credit. Her kisses had moved further south until her mouth had encircled his engorged cock. She began to suck until he wriggled with pure bliss. Whoa! Sara Shaw really knew how to make a straight arrow like him forget his TRA oath! Her tongue danced along the shaft and around the tip as her hands squeezed and massaged his balls expertly. It was all he could do to prevent from cumming. Such talent deserved a reward.

“Come up here and ride me. I want to watch your beautiful face as you come.”

 Eagerly she did as she was bidden, straddling his hips and sliding his cock into her moist cunt in one deep thrust. She gasped and began to rock her hips, corkscrewing him deeper into her core. Ivak fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples until they stood proud in the silhouette of the full moonlight. He took hold of her curvy ass and pumped harder and harder until at last she tossed back her head and screamed the first of her orgasms. His own shouts blended in a symphony of her cries, pulling him over the edge as they both came simultaneously.

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Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy My Sexy Saturday!


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