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My Sexy Saturday: Brandi Strikes Back excerpt

This is it... The tenth and final chapter in the saga of Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. It doesn't get any sexier than this!

And it fits in perfectly with this week's My Sexy Saturday blog hop theme--A Sexy Galaxy. After all, Brandi is a young woman who's slept with half the galaxy--and is working on hooking up with the other half--so she really is an expert in the field of science fiction erotic-romance. (With a touch of humor,  no less.)  :-)

  Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures: Chapter 10 -- 
Brandi Strikes Back

As Chapter 10 opens, Brandi must find a way to disable her android replicas on Old Terra to prevent the interdimensional bandits from invading the universe. But the Pulsating Purple Parsnip is temporarily grounded. What can they do? Hijacking a spaceship and commanding her own crew of androids, Brandi strikes back the only way she knows how, using her wits and sexuality. Will Brandi and Robin survive the battle to discover their own happily ever after?

An excerpt from Chapter 10 – Brandi Strikes Back (Adults only!)

“Harder—I can take it in this form.” A Robin slipped his erection between my android’s lips and I—my replica, that is—began to suck greedily. “Hmm, chocolate-mint flavored cum?”

“It’s what a large majority of females indicated in a survey was their favorite flavor, so why not?” Juanito seemed to have withdrawn his consciousness from his ass-fucking friend and moved over to the Robin receiving my tongue’s attention to his dick. “Now that’s what I call a blow job. Oo, oo! I don’t want to come too soon. Let me switch again.”

Before I knew it, I felt my duplicate lifted and shifted into a new position to accommodate a Robin replica’s member in my cunt. I eagerly impaled my replica’s pussy upon the waiting cock and wasn’t disappointed. With all my duplicate’s holes fully lubricated and occupied, I was enjoying myself immensely.

“Keep up the good work, boys,” I mumbled between licks of the luscious dick dangling in front of my android’s face. The ass and cunt fuckers kept up a steady and powerful rhythm, spiraling their strokes hard against my clit. I teetered on the edge of a monstrous orgasm. Then I felt my real-world partner moving his hands from cupping my buttocks to finagling with his headset, and it distracted me.

I frowned. “Whatever are you doing?”

“Something I haven’t tried before—I’m going to take in the feed from three replicas simultaneously. Get ready for a wild ride, Brandi Whyne!”

I knew what was going to happen next. After all, Juanito only wanted a quickie, but I was determined to enjoy my full share of pleasure. I rocked my hips hard against the cocks thrusting into me and tightened my pelvic muscles. I pulled the dick between my lips deeper still into my—her—throat and activated a sub-routine called the vacuum that popped up in front of my android’s viewing area. Juanito squealed and pressed my ass harder against the spaceship landing gear.

“Here we come all at once!” Juanito cried.

The taste of chocolate-mint filled my mouth—gallons of it, or so it seemed. I felt the prince’s puny pecker stiffen and shake within me as my android enjoyed the no-so-tender ministrations of the three Robins’ cocks’ intense vibrations. Their pussy and ass pounding triggered a series of mind-expanding climaxes that built and waned and built and waned, going on for what felt like forever. With one last hard thrust to my cunt and a tonsil-tickling kiss of thanks from one of my satisfied customers, I collapsed to the ground and the world went dark.

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