Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Flash and a Thrill--Halloween-Inspired Free Fiction

Enjoy a flash fiction story I created from a one line prompt for Kate Hill's Halloween Adventure promo this month. Here's the link to my page at her site you'll want to check out since I posted a link there to a free book, Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures--Captured by Space Pirates. (Don't miss it!)

After this brief message from Heavenly Bodies, my latest erotic-science fiction series from eXtasy Books, on to the free story!

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Now for some chills and thrills...

The Change
by Celine Chatillon
On a cold, dark night, you look in the mirror and notice the first small signs of the change beginning.

"Oh, no... Not tonight. My cycle is off. I was suppose to go to that business dinner and do my best to impress our new potential client. My fur and claws will throw him off. The boss will kill me!"

The dress you picked out earlier in the week won't do. It shows way too much d├ęcolletage. While you're quite proud of your perky and ample breasts, once the change begins and you become fully lynx-like, the client would probably freak at having cocktails with a catwoman.

"Damn. I was going to do a slow seduction and get him to sign on the dotted line by the end of the evening, making my escape before he got any ideas. Unless he's a hottie... If and only then if he turns out to be sexy, charming and willing was I going to even consider screwing his brains out. I think we're going to have to skip the drinks and dinner and just get to the screwing and his signing on the dotted line. He might not notice my tail until after he's enjoyed some tail."

You laugh. There are some advantages to being a were-cat. You get super horny at the drop of a hat, and you don't mind acting like an alley cat with any handsome, red-blooded male who's willing do the horizontal tango. If only you knew what the guy looked like.

As you walk into the upscale hotel saloon, you shift your briefcase to your other hand in order to smooth down the start of your tail starting to form under your skirt above your nicely rounded ass. Where was this client suppose to meet you? Oh, yeah, under the clock at the end of the bar. There's a suit sitting there sipping a bourbon. His face is turned away from you until you take a step closer. He turns around. You stop and stare.

Is that him? Oh, he's absolutely gorgeous! What a mischievous glint he has in his eye, too. You take another step closer, and he rises to meet you with a gracious nod and a smile. Hmm...this could turn out be quite a fun and successful evening after all.

If you like shapeshifters with a difference, check out Wolf Weiss from my summer short Under The Midnight Sun (eXtasy Books).


A J said...

Hot stuff! :)

Celine said...

Why, thank you, AJ. I always appreciate a nice comment from an author of your caliber. ;)