Friday, September 08, 2017

Swing through the galaxy with Galactic Guerillas!

Book 2 in the Heavenly Bodies series is now available...

Galactic Guerillas

Jenna believes she's dreaming when she wakes up to her favorite SF/fantasy hero lying in bed beside her. Sexy, half-dressed Prince Reglund of television's Galactic Guerillas series can't be real, can he? But it's a very realistic and erotic dream, so Jenna plays along, agreeing to accompany Reg to his home world. Once there, they meet the dark and handsome voyeur Lord Talbit who lusts after free-spirited Earth maidens as well. Will Jenna and her dream studs enjoy a threesome and discover a fantasy world with a life all its own?

Excerpt: Jenna decides to enjoy her "fantasy lover" even if she's not sure he's really there.

Keeping his gaze fixed firmly on her, Prince Reglund pulled himself to his knees, unfastened his sword belt, and lifted the flap of his loincloth to reveal a hard-on of gargantuan proportions. 

Jenna’s hands flew to her warming cheeks. She gasped. “Oh, my. You’re much more manly than I’ve fantasized, and I can be very creative, you know.”
The wicked glint in his eyes challenged her. “Show me.”

She laughed. How could any hot-blooded female pass on this challenge?
“All right. First, like any good Galactic Guerilla, I will attempt to disarm your weapon.”

Jenna approached and slowly untied the leather cords resting on his slim hips. The small scrap of leather fell away, fully exposing the glistening head of his engorged, crimson cock. She licked dry lips. “Why do I suddenly feel like I’m eye-to-eye with the man-eating dragon beast of episode sixty-nine?” 

“Perhaps you are.” Reg’s resonant chuckle detonated a mini-explosion of desire deep in her pussy. He positioned his rod closer to her. “Will you vanquish your foe with your creative talent? Or will you allow it to enter your cave of wonders, my beautiful maiden?”

“Hmm, good questions. How about a little of both?”

Jenna knelt at the edge of the bed and eased his length into her mouth. Her tongue thrilled at the taste of him, the virile, musky tang of a man who could swing a sword with one arm while carrying off a willing female captive to pleasure over and over again in his other. She cupped his balls gently and sucked his remaining inches into the back of her throat.

He groaned and leaned toward her. “Oh, the dragon is practically slayed, fair one. Allow me to explore your delights before I can no longer contain my enthusiasm.”

Galactic Guerillas is now available at eXtasy Books, Amazon, and online wherever fine books are sold! ;)


A J said...

Hot stuff! =)

Celine said...

It is. You have to have a glass of cold water near by while you read it. ;)