Friday, August 01, 2008

A Five Heart Review of BEAUTIFUL DREAMER!

Wow--what a thrill to read this great review of BEAUTIFUL DREAMER
from The Romance Studio:

"Ms. Celine Chatillon obviously knows her small towns. There were
many characters in this delightful story which did not confuse the
issues. It made the tale so fun. Fast-paced fun was shared by the
townsfolk who all knew (small-town like) exactly where Cody spent
his nights, when Joleen returned to town, and other matters which
made this book unique. The storyline flowed effortlessly and I
enjoyed the true-to-life main couple. The secondary couple, which
was rather unexpected, made a great sideline.

The rodeo was in town. Those who are familiar with small towns
realize how huge that would be. This storyline was funny, emotional
and surprising. The action never waned. From the library scenes to
the rodeo, from the Japanese TV producers to the bull riders—all
were part of a great manuscript.

I loved the story and the characters. I was surprised, and
delighted, with the marvelous ending to the book. I highly recommend
it to all. The sensual scenes were sexy but not offensive. The book
was great."

Overall rating: five hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Brenda Talley

Thanks, Brenda! Even I want to buy this book now. ;)

Beautiful Dreamer
Format: PDF, MS Lit, HTML, Rocket (rb), Mobipocket


Caffey said...

Oh thats beautiful! I have this one down on the wishlist to get! Will be watching for it at Fictionwise!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful cover and CONGRATS on the Terrific review!