Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love, Fun and Fantasy in Loving Who!

Although this fantasy novel isn't quite as spicy as my erotic-romance Celine titles, there's plenty of "action" in this fun "fiction about fans" available now from Mojocastle Press.

by Cynthianna
ISBN: 1-60180-075-4

The man...the magic...the movie? Screwball romantic-comedy meets the world of Doctor Who fandom. Cici Connor's life will never be the same when she takes John Smith, a mysterious Brit, into her bed and her life begins to change... possibly for the better. After all, how many alien assassins tracking her does one girl need?

Available now in e-formats... and hopefully soon in trade paperback edition. Thing is, the more e-copies it sells off the blocks, the faster the print version is released by my publisher, so don't wait! Buy yours today.

(Feel free to pass this book release announcement on to other Doctor Who fans. Thanks!)

Celine Chatillon writing as Cynthianna
Boldly going where no one genre has gone before!

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