Sunday, June 01, 2008

Who can resist a guy in a kilt?

There's just something inherently sexy about kilted men. I thought I'd post some photos I took recently at the Scottish Tartan Days in St. Charles, Missouri.

My first photo features a cute young re-enactor who is not wearing a kilt. Well, there’s something about a man in uniform—even if it’s not featuring a kilt—that makes him very sexy. This nice young guy works as an exterminator believe it or not when he isn’t doing French and Indian War re-enacting. Talk about macho! And I love the hat, don’t you? (He could poke me with his bayonet, too.)

This next photo features a group of bagpipers. There’s nothing more stirring to a Scot’s blood than bagpipes. I know, some women like violins and saxophones but think of all the lung power it takes to blow on a bagpipe while marching… Hmm, more lung power, more kissing power? I think I’ve figured out the kilt attraction right there!

Well, we had noble Scots soldiers at Tartan Days—so why not a few ignoble Scots pirates?

If you like men in uniform (not necessarily a kilt) you'll want to check out my upcoming Liquid Silver Book release, Beautiful Dreamer. ;)

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Stephanie said...

I love these things! And it looks as if you had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing.