Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A 45 single?

If you can remember what a “single” or a “45 RPM” record is, then you’ll understand why I have the question mark at the end of my blog title. Women who have reached the ripe ol' age of 45 (which I am now officially) are not usually “singles”. They are “LPs” or long-playing albums with a multitude of tunes.

Gen Y types will need an explanation here—it’s not one of those “abnormally large CDs” you’ve found in the back of your parents’ winter clothes closet while looking for “retro” duds. LPs were actually the way we bought and played the songs of our favorite rock groups way back when in the Baby-boomer era. (Yes, rock and roll music existed even then. Scary to think, isn’t it?)

Getting back on topic, I’ve reached this milestone in my life as an (almost) single person at the midst of the “middle ages” of my life. (The middle ages are not to be confused with Medieval Times—great restaurant and tourist spot that it is.) Who’d have thunk?

Do I feel different? No, not really. Even as a “single” and not part of an “album” I’m pretty much the same person as before. I’m just as opinionated and just as unemployable. I still enjoy writing and reading romantic fiction. I still watch Doctor Who and have seen every original episode of classic Star Trek several million times each. Yes, I qualify as a raving lunatic and a certified weirdo.

So, if you can’t handle a weird 45 single then I only have one thing to say to you: Get over it.

Having reached this advanced stage of life, I feel pretty much at ease at saying whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it and to whomever it needs to be said.

To young women who want to bring a baby into the world without benefit of clergy and a spouse: I say—don’t. The stats show that your child will more than likely live a life of poverty and will suffer from depression and higher rates of suicide than children from two parent homes.

To those who think they can “safely use recreational drugs”: I say—you’re fooling yourself. There is no such thing as a “safe dose” of any drug, let alone a street drug. If you feel that suicidal to risk your health by doing drugs, then call a suicide helpline right now and not the pusher.

To anyone who thinks they don’t need to finish school to get ahead in life: Uh-uh. This world is only getting more and more technical and computer-interrelated… You’ve got to be able to understand and use the new technologies. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Even McDonald’s won’t hire a high school dropout these days.

To anyone who wants to argue with me: Please do. That’s what the comment box below is for…and what writers live for—feedback from their readers. So, tell this “45 single” where she can get off as a broken ol’ record or if she’s right on the money.

Or simply send her some birthday cash. She could use it!

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She said...

I like getting older. I'm 50 and am finally comfortable in my own skin. I don't try to be a fashion plate or do what everyone else is doing. I've finally discovered what I like and who I am. I like reading (everything, just about), I like music (tastes go from Irish music to KISS to classical), movies (mostly comedies), TV, concerts, plays, whatever else I've forgotten (I do that alot now--forget, I mean). I like to bake from scratch, go to restaurants (I don't have to do the dishes). I'm discovering alot of things I had never done and am trying them. Often I'm the only person at the bookstore for an author's reading and signing (I buy the book, which is why my bookshelves are so interesting, eclectic, and full). I've discovered many wonderful people and books. I'm also comfortable being alone. It's okay and so am I. So three cheers with growing older, wiser, and sexier!