Friday, October 07, 2011

Archon Rocks!

Archon Rocks!

I’m back from the exhausting (yet exhilarating) weekend that is the annual Archon SF convention… Yet another fix of super sci-fi fandom successfully obtained.

I spoke on a few panels, handsome hubby sold quite a few Doctor Who inspired artworks, we passed out some promo items and took a lot of photos of some very interesting characters. You may even glimpse one or two in an upcoming Brandi Whyne adventure. You never know where inspiration may hit!

The best thing about Archon are the people (both in and out of costume). Many of the guests graciously give you freebies, too—and anime guest of honor Sonny Strait was one of these wonderful givers. Sonny is an anime actor, writer and director who does the voice of Krillin on Dragonball Z as well as a Manga artist and musician. Quite the Renaissance man! He gave out free CD’s of rock music recorded by his band Chin's Mojo. Imagine my delight at the title of one song, Makin’ Love to Celine. (Okay, I believe the song is about making out while Celine Dion music blares in the background, but hey! I like my own interpretation of the title better. Great tune, by the way.)

Check out Chin's Mojo at their web site or Facebook and see if you don’t agree that anime artists don’t make great rockers. And to all my friends and family at Archon—rock on!

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