Monday, November 06, 2017

All 4 Heavenly Bodies are here at last! (Excerpt)

All four stories in the Heavenly Bodies series are here at last... Enjoy an excerpt from book 4, the easy-to-remember titled one, Heavenly Bodies.

 Heavenly Bodies
Book 4 in the series 

After an asteroid collides with his spaceship, killing all others on board, astronaut Frank Rimmer cryogenically freezes himself to await rescue. When Frank wakes up, he's greeted by a pair of rescuers resembling pin-up girls from his crewmate's calendar. The girls who rescue him are aliens who can project images into Frank's mind and appear as he would like to see them. Sister-clones Mahla and Shahla tell him they sincerely want to learn more about human beings and their mating rituals. They study "unofficial files" onboard and ask Frank for his help in understanding human sexuality. Can Frank help these two gorgeous angels experience an erotic cultural awakening?

Excerpt: Frank receives some TLC from his two very eager-to-please rescuers:

Mahla’s eyes widened. “I thought you said humans didn’t possess tentacles?”

“Not the kind you’re thinking of,” Shahla explained. She lightly stroked his rigid rod. “This is a male human’s reproductive organ, called a penis.”

Lord, that feels good. He moaned. “Hmm… There’s no need to get technical, ladies. Let’s just call it a cock, okay?”

“Very nice cock, Frank,” Mahla said, joining in on the stroking. “Shall we help you into the bathing apparatus?”

“Hmmm. Yes, but first I should help you two undress.”

He took a deep breath and steadied himself. Shahla raised her arms and allowed him to slide the silky nightgown up and over her magnificent curves. Mahla turned to him and indicated for him to do likewise. Two gorgeous, well-proportioned blondes stood naked before him. He felt faint with desire.

“Frank, are you all right?” Shahla flashed him a concerned look. “Your cock has turned very red and stiff.”

“Shall I massage it for you?”

Mahla’s wide-eyed, innocent expression was almost too good to be true. He coughed. His brain must still be defrosting from the effects of the cryo-freeze. He had to get a grip on his body’s wayward responses. “Uh, no, that’s not necessary, ladies. Let’s hop in before the water cools.”

Heavenly Bodies is now available  from eXtasy Books and wherever fine ebooks are sold:

Saturday, October 21, 2017

An Excerpt from Diplomatic Relations:Heavenly Bodies Book 3 (Adults only!)

Book 3 in the Heavenly Bodies series is now available!

Career diplomat Cherae Longbow has heard the rumors. The Alliance of Peaceful Planets is desperate to make a good impression on its newest potential members, the Magnens of Magnus Prime. The High Commissioner tells Cherae her open-mindedness is an asset in this delicate situation, but it isn't until she and her team of young and sexually inquisitive aides view the first contact video does the truth of this statement hit home. The Magnens expect their allies to partake in their customary mass orgy in order to seal the deal on Alliance membership. Will Cherae be able to handle the  emperor and his entire high council and not risk a diplomatic incident? 

A super hot excerpt from Diplomatic Relations:

“I’m going to miss how sweet and tight you are,” Brannigan murmured, pounding his hard rod into her pussy with practiced efficiency. His grasp on her hips held all the fervor of a drowning man clinging to a life preserver. “I’m going to miss hearing you scream and scream until my ears ring.”

Cherae closed her eyes and massaged her clit, savoring the myriad of sensations flooding her consciousness. “Hmm… I’m going to miss how you can never get enough of my pussy, Captain. I’m going to miss how you like to be sucked while I get fucked—and how you pull rank and fuck me again and again while I suck every male officer dry.”

“Yes, I’m going to miss that, too.” The rhythm of his thrusts increased He grunted his enjoyment of his efforts. “Promise me—promise me you’ll request the Valiant transport you and your team on your return trip home. Promise me.”

“I promise. Like I promise I’m going to scream so loud you’d better have your ears covered. Hold on tight. Fuck me harder, faster, faster…” 

Her lips parted in breathless anticipation. She could feel the cries building deep within her, ready to reverberate throughout the ship. 

“Oh…oh, yes! Harder—fuck me harder… Oh!

Shivers of pleasure pulsed from her pussy outward. Cherae grabbed a hold of the safety bar mounted on the cabin wall to keep her orgasmic thrashing from battering them both against the bulkhead. The blood rushed to her brain with such a force that if in that second she died in ecstasy she wouldn’t care.

Brannigan followed her lead with a series of dramatic thrusts and a roar so loud she’d swear it could be heard on the planet surface several hundred miles below. 

Diplomatic Relations is now available at eXtasy Books (and soon at Amazon and other fine retailers).

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Flash and a Thrill--Halloween-Inspired Free Fiction

Enjoy a flash fiction story I created from a one line prompt for Kate Hill's Halloween Adventure promo this month. Here's the link to my page at her site you'll want to check out since I posted a link there to a free book, Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures--Captured by Space Pirates. (Don't miss it!)

After this brief message from Heavenly Bodies, my latest erotic-science fiction series from eXtasy Books, on to the free story!

Book One in the Heavenly Bodies series: Playmate

Book Two in the Heavenly Bodies series: Galactic Guerillas 

And coming soon, book three in the series, Diplomatic Relations. All available from eXtasy (best price/best service), Amazon and wherever fine e-books are sold.

Now for some chills and thrills...

The Change
by Celine Chatillon
On a cold, dark night, you look in the mirror and notice the first small signs of the change beginning.

"Oh, no... Not tonight. My cycle is off. I was suppose to go to that business dinner and do my best to impress our new potential client. My fur and claws will throw him off. The boss will kill me!"

The dress you picked out earlier in the week won't do. It shows way too much d├ęcolletage. While you're quite proud of your perky and ample breasts, once the change begins and you become fully lynx-like, the client would probably freak at having cocktails with a catwoman.

"Damn. I was going to do a slow seduction and get him to sign on the dotted line by the end of the evening, making my escape before he got any ideas. Unless he's a hottie... If and only then if he turns out to be sexy, charming and willing was I going to even consider screwing his brains out. I think we're going to have to skip the drinks and dinner and just get to the screwing and his signing on the dotted line. He might not notice my tail until after he's enjoyed some tail."

You laugh. There are some advantages to being a were-cat. You get super horny at the drop of a hat, and you don't mind acting like an alley cat with any handsome, red-blooded male who's willing do the horizontal tango. If only you knew what the guy looked like.

As you walk into the upscale hotel saloon, you shift your briefcase to your other hand in order to smooth down the start of your tail starting to form under your skirt above your nicely rounded ass. Where was this client suppose to meet you? Oh, yeah, under the clock at the end of the bar. There's a suit sitting there sipping a bourbon. His face is turned away from you until you take a step closer. He turns around. You stop and stare.

Is that him? Oh, he's absolutely gorgeous! What a mischievous glint he has in his eye, too. You take another step closer, and he rises to meet you with a gracious nod and a smile. Hmm...this could turn out be quite a fun and successful evening after all.

If you like shapeshifters with a difference, check out Wolf Weiss from my summer short Under The Midnight Sun (eXtasy Books).

Friday, September 08, 2017

Swing through the galaxy with Galactic Guerillas!

Book 2 in the Heavenly Bodies series is now available...

Galactic Guerillas

Jenna believes she's dreaming when she wakes up to her favorite SF/fantasy hero lying in bed beside her. Sexy, half-dressed Prince Reglund of television's Galactic Guerillas series can't be real, can he? But it's a very realistic and erotic dream, so Jenna plays along, agreeing to accompany Reg to his home world. Once there, they meet the dark and handsome voyeur Lord Talbit who lusts after free-spirited Earth maidens as well. Will Jenna and her dream studs enjoy a threesome and discover a fantasy world with a life all its own?

Excerpt: Jenna decides to enjoy her "fantasy lover" even if she's not sure he's really there.

Keeping his gaze fixed firmly on her, Prince Reglund pulled himself to his knees, unfastened his sword belt, and lifted the flap of his loincloth to reveal a hard-on of gargantuan proportions. 

Jenna’s hands flew to her warming cheeks. She gasped. “Oh, my. You’re much more manly than I’ve fantasized, and I can be very creative, you know.”
The wicked glint in his eyes challenged her. “Show me.”

She laughed. How could any hot-blooded female pass on this challenge?
“All right. First, like any good Galactic Guerilla, I will attempt to disarm your weapon.”

Jenna approached and slowly untied the leather cords resting on his slim hips. The small scrap of leather fell away, fully exposing the glistening head of his engorged, crimson cock. She licked dry lips. “Why do I suddenly feel like I’m eye-to-eye with the man-eating dragon beast of episode sixty-nine?” 

“Perhaps you are.” Reg’s resonant chuckle detonated a mini-explosion of desire deep in her pussy. He positioned his rod closer to her. “Will you vanquish your foe with your creative talent? Or will you allow it to enter your cave of wonders, my beautiful maiden?”

“Hmm, good questions. How about a little of both?”

Jenna knelt at the edge of the bed and eased his length into her mouth. Her tongue thrilled at the taste of him, the virile, musky tang of a man who could swing a sword with one arm while carrying off a willing female captive to pleasure over and over again in his other. She cupped his balls gently and sucked his remaining inches into the back of her throat.

He groaned and leaned toward her. “Oh, the dragon is practically slayed, fair one. Allow me to explore your delights before I can no longer contain my enthusiasm.”

Galactic Guerillas is now available at eXtasy Books, Amazon, and online wherever fine books are sold! ;)