Friday, February 09, 2018

Wanna start your Valentine's celebration with a bang?

What better way to start your Valentine's celebrations with your special someone than to enjoy a super-hot excerpt together from my erotic-romantic comedy novel, Beautiful Dreamer... Maybe you could act it out?  ;-)

Beautiful Dreamer

Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene, sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues. Amazingly, Marianne hasn't a clue that their rendezvous even happened.

A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't the "love 'em and leave 'em" type he's used to entertaining in bed, and he's worried. Will she make him take a walk down the aisle if he confesses to his part of her fantasies? Can't they just be friends with benefits?

Will Cody be able to tell Marianne the truth about his involvement in her sleepwalking escapades? Will he and Marianne discover beyond their fantasies true love prevails?

Excerpt: Cody realizes Marianne is sleepwalking through her place of work because she acts like she's a damsel in distress and he is a knight in shining armor. But no matter how Cody resists Marianne's  seduction, he finds his match in the normally reserved librarian.

"Marianne, you're tempting me beyond the brink, but you know we can't." Cody took a deep breath, steadying his nerves. Somehow he had to talk her out of this situation without hurting her feelings or losing any more of his clothing. "We have to think about your health and reputation. I don't have anything on me for, uh, you know, protection."

Marianne paused in her litany of kisses upon his neck and brow. She drew back, blinking rapidly as she stared into his serious hazel-green eyes.

"The brave and handsome knight travels without the sheath to his sword?"

He exhaled a painful sigh. "Yes, yes, that's right. I left it along with my white horse back at the castle."

Her eyes narrowed. She reached behind herself and picked up his trousers, plucking his billfold out of the pocket.

"My good lord always carried his sheath in his moneybag just in case." A wicked grin graced her love-swollen lips as she withdrew the forgotten condom from his billfold and waved it inches from his nose. "It appears ye do likewise."

Cody blinked then blinked again. His jaw dropped open to the size of the Palo Duro Canyon. How had that gotten in his wallet? Then it dawned on him. He had picked up a pair of condoms off the ground outside the gymnasium after making his obligatory visit to the senior prom a few weeks back. They were brand-spanking new and in good shape, and he had thought he'd keep them just in case anyone ever needed any for just such an emergency.

"Uh, yeah, it appears I do." He cleared his cracking voice. "It doesn't mean we have to—"

Covering his lips with hers, Marianne silenced any further objections. Her butterfly fingers fluttered across his shoulders and down his sides, coming to a comfortable rest at his tight buns. Caressing him with unrestrained passion, she struggled to remove their remaining barrier.

"Allow me," Cody said, giving up the fight. He rolled his temptress to the side before carefully sliding his shorts down over his rock-hard erection.

Marianne's eyes widened. "My lord has indeed been blessed with a very broad sword."

Her knuckles whitened in their grip around the purple condom wrapper, her small hands trembling ever so slightly.

This has gone far enough. Cody reached out and gently cradled Marianne's delicate face in his big hands and waited for her rapidly shifting focus to settle fully on his face.

"Marianne, it's okay if you want to stop now," he said slowly, deliberately. "I'll understand. I promise."

The sound of tearing plastic echoed throughout the silent library. Her lascivious smile said it all.

"Once the horse has escaped from his stall, it would be a sin not to allow him to gallop forth. Would it not, my lord?"

The look of pure wantonness in her eyes dissolved Cody's last iota of restraint. Marianne cried joyously as he scooped her up and placed her astride him, gently guiding her hands to sheath his member.

He wound his own hands into her thick tresses, bringing her face to meet his in order to partake of a deep and lingering kiss. With exquisite slowness, he eased himself inside her in the most intimate of embraces.

Her tightness enveloped him totally, driving him almost over the edge. Breathing deeply, he struck up a strong and steady rhythm of thrusts. She arched her back and responded with a tantalizing twist of her hips, pulling him deeper into herself and deeper still, seemingly to the depths of her very soul.

They squealed and groaned and bucked and bounced through the sea of cushions, locked in a rollicking dance of desire. His mouth tasted her sweet breasts once again as he stroked her sensitive nub. She cried out in rapturous delight, begging him to come along with her.

A knight can't very well refuse his lady. Cody eagerly obliged his comely companion with a series of hard, quick thrusts. Marianne threw back her head, screaming as the potent eternity of their joining came to its mutual climax. Plunging together over the passion's edge, they drifted calmly back toward earth and collapsed, sated, into each other's arms...

Beautiful Dreamer is available in ebook formats from eXtasy Books, and is also available in Kindle and print at Amazon and other fine ebook retailers.

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