Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday -- an excerpt from Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy

Welcome to the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This weekend's theme is "Sexy's Got You, Babe" and is based upon the old Sonny and Cher song, I’ve Got You, Babe. This is all about the lovers who are always there for each other. Their external odds maybe be insurmountable, or seem that way, yet they have one another held firmly in their love.

I've chosen seven paragraphs from my latest release, Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy, to illustrate this theme. Anna is a relatively young vampire who is uncertain that starting a relationship and possibly siring another vampire is what she wants. But Leonid is persuasive that he's "got her"--that is, he wants her and cares about her and wants to be with her no matter what. How can Anna resist?

Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy
Book 5 in the Kindred Vampires series 

Can British MI agent Anna Nightingale rescue a kidnapped scientist from the Soviets, clear her friend's name, save her lovers, and come to terms with her vampire heritage? 

1949: Anna Nightingale accepts a mission to clear a fellow vampire’s name after he and his human lover, Professor Sorensen, vanish. On board the True North, Anna finds romance with Captain Sokoloff, a man who desires to become a vampire. Once at the hidden Soviet lab, an evil genie and two rogue vampires force Anna and team member  Smitty into an intimate situation that brings forth Smitty’s latent telepathic powers. But can their combined thoughts destroy the djinn and release them all from its hold before it’s too late?

Excerpt: Anna tells handsome sea captain Leonid Sokoloff that she doesn't want to risk turning him into a vampire, but he's not dissuaded.

“My poor, dear!” Leonid kissed her hands again and sighed. “I never thought how this change came about and how you may have suffered because of it. Forgive me. I am just overwhelmed by your beauty and your honesty.”

Anna gasped. Once again his directness won her over. “You think I’m beautiful and honest?”

“Of course. You do not hide your sentiments or your heart. You only want the best for others. That is truly beautiful, is it not?” He kissed her hands again and searched her face for a sign. “If things were different, if you were not as you are now, a mere mortal like I am, do you think you could ever love a man like me?”

“I could…I would…I want to, Leonid, but I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be. If you have the courage to take on spies and enemies, then have the courage to love a man and change him into a vampire or not as you will. I am willing to risk it if you are.”

So, this is what I’ve been denying myself all this time? Anna, you let your head rule your heart way too much. Live—or, at the very least, love a little.
She smiled and licked her lips as her fangs slowly descended. “Your cabin or mine?” Once the blood lust began, it would not be denied. 

Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy is available from eXtasy Books.,-Sailor-,-Vampire-,-Spy/

Have a great My Sexy Saturday blog hop!


A J said...

Lovely stuff! I like Anna. =)

Celine said...

Thanks, AJ! I bet you do...She's your type of vampire--smart and sexy and willing to try out new things. ;)