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'Tis the Season for a Hot Holiday Excerpt!

I'm doing a Rafflecopter giveway with some of my fellow eXtasy Books authors this month. I've never done one before, so please don't sue me if I do it wrong! ;)


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I'm also signed up for a book-a-day giveaway through this month for the eXtasy Books annual holiday party on December 20th. This year it's suppose to take place at The Book Carousel on Facebook, so please like the page and make comments there so you can join in the fun and win prizes. (The Time Surfer book one, Playing with the Past, is scheduled for December 8th. For more info, read Beany's blog post:

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Now, in keeping with the season, I thought you all might enjoy a little excerpt from a holiday romance to help you get in the mood. ;)

From my eXtasy Christmas novella, Yes, Virginia...

Yes, Virginia Here, Comes Santa Claus
by Celine Chatillon

When Brad "The Rude Reporter" Rudner opens a letter to the editor from a lonely lady who says she doesn't believe in Santa after her fiance dumped her, he feels it's his duty revive her faith in the jolly old elf. A red garter belt and fishnet stockings help "good girl" Ginny get on Santa's "naughty" list, and "Santa Brad" can't help but lose his heart to the dark, exotic beauty.

"Santa" reached into his bag and handed Ginny a long box.

“Thank you.” She untied the ribbon and opened the container. Her eyes flew open wide.

“Do you like it?”

“Like it?” she squeaked. “Ahem. Santa, I never knew the elves made these sort of toys up at the North Pole.”

The life-sized, penis-shaped vibrator with several attachments and rechargeable batteries totally redefined the words ‘good girl’ in her vocabulary.

He chuckled. “You could say the elves and I have been branching out in recent years. Let’s see what else we have in here for Ginny.”

He reached deep into the sack and withdrew an extra large candy cane.

“Sweets for the sweets,” he said, handing her the traditional snack of Christmas. “There’s some chocolate kisses in here, too.”


Ginny unwrapped the candy cane and began noisily sucking on the straight end. Santa’s eyes followed her every moment as she took more and more into her generous mouth and slowly moved the stick up and down in a rhythmic fashion. The smells of mint and sexual excitement hung heavy in the air between them.

“Hmm…I can’t ever get enough,” she said breathlessly.

He gasped. The bulge in Santa’s jeans rivaled the North Pole itself. Ginny smiled. So… there wasn’t ice water flowing through his veins.

“Yes… I can see that you’re a very good girl. But there are just a few more things I want to give you before I’ll let you properly ‘thank’ Santa...”

What the reviewers have to say about Yes, Virginia Here, Comes Santa Claus:

I enjoyed this story. There must be a Santa Claus and a romantic one at that, fulfilling Christmas wishes in bringing two people together that need each other, who recognize that they have the same inherent desires and goals. Ginny’s insecurities from her relationship with Bobby are easily swept away by her new lover. The two find that they have more than just the love of certain sports in common! --Four hearts from Glenda K. Bauerle, The Romance Studio

This is a totally adorable story that grabbed me from the start. But when Brad jumps off the roof while playing Santa he becomes a very romantic character. Hot sex and instant love keep this short story on a fast ride. The characters are interesting, the storyline heartwarming, and presented well. The flow is smooth and considering the short length the characters are adequately described. Ms. Chatillon has written a great short tale for the Christmas season. --Kim at 

Yes, Virginia Here, Comes Santa Claus is available at eXtasy Books, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and everywhere fine e-books are sold!

Want another hot holiday excerpt? Here's another one from Santa's Big Little Helper:


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