Monday, November 28, 2011

More Holiday Cheer in an Excerpt!

I hope your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping have gone well. Here's a hint: If you're still looking for that perfect gift for that sci-fi nerd on your holiday list, check out Theophilus Saxe's Emporium online at

And now on with the excerpt!

Santa's Big Little Helper
by Celine Chatillon
Mojocastle Press

Be careful what you ask for—you just might get it! Suellen tells Santa she wants the cover model on her romance novel… And "Santa's helper" Carlos fits the build perfectly. Add a little snow and some fuzzy handcuffs and it's a very Merry Christmas!

Before Suellen could move, his lips descended and hungrily took possession of hers. Stars blazed and exploded before her eyes. Man, could this figment of her imagination ever kiss! Her protests died as she molded her curves against his taut, muscular form, opening her mouth for his further exploration. Their tongues met and danced as the kiss deepened. He plunged deeper as if drinking her very essence. She clung to him, her senses reeling at the pervading warmth and masculine scent of him. Her hands eagerly cradled his smooth, firm buttocks as he caressed his way through her tousled tresses.

“Mmm… You taste better than the diner’s apple pie,” he said at last coming up for air. “And I’ve always wanted to wind my fingers through your beautiful strawberry blonde hair. Why do you keep it pinned up all the time?”

“The health department makes us do that,” she explained, sighing. “How did you know I even had hair? I usually have that awful net thing over it.”

He grinned and pulled her toward the bed. “I’ve seen little stray hairs peeking out now and then. I love it when you push them behind your ears when you think no one is looking. I was looking.”

She sat next to him, her focus falling to his full lips. “You were? I usually feel invisible at work. I’m there, and yet I’m not really there.”

“Oh, you’re there all right.” He tugged her into his arms and together they fell backward across the mattress. His hand wiggled its way between the opening of her robe and began to stroke her nipples poking through the thin cotton material of her nightshirt. She gasped but didn’t push his touch away. It felt so good… so right… so perfect...
Santa's Big Little Helper

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More excerpts to come! Let me know what you'd like to read next. Thanks.

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