Monday, April 28, 2014

It's almost time to sink your teeth into... The Vampire Next Door!

Coming May 15th from eXtasy Books... The Vampire Next Door

Book 4 in the Kindred Vampires series is a contemporary tale of a divorcee who moves to the big city and discovers her handsome "night owl" neighbor is more than just sexy and handsome--he's a vampire!

 The Vampire Next Door

Valentine Drakul longs for a mate, someone to share eternity with who won’t be totally grossed out living on a diet of steak tartare. Could the sexy girl living upstairs fulfill his every fantasy?

Melynda Kerpanik got the heck out of Dodge and ended up in St. Louis working for her cousin as an interior decorator. But will her career plans take a backseat to her curiosity about things that “go bump in the night”?

A deadly foe ensnares Mel in his evil plot to rid the world of Kindred race... Can Val save the mortal woman he loves without transforming her into the eternally lonely being he's become?

(I hope to see you at Marcon May 9 - 11 in Columbus, Ohio! This is our first time at Marcon, so be sure to say hello and help us find our way around.) 

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