Friday, November 15, 2013

Blood in Berlin--now available from eXtasy Books

Now available from eXtasy Books!

Blood in Berlin

By Celine Chatillon
Book 3 in the Kindred series

    In 1938 London, the vampire Edwin Carstairs attracts the attention of British Military Intelligence. A Nazi scientist known as Madame V is creating super-vampire-soldiers in Berlin and must be stopped. Edwin accepts the mission, hoping to prevent another devastating world war. But what will he and his team do when Edwin’s lost love Ophelia Jones is discovered taking an eager part in experiments that risk the very survival of human and vampire-kind alike?

An excerpt from Blood in Berlin:

As they entered the hall where the orgyists had gathered, Edwin quickly scanned for signs of Ophelia. Through the heat of the television lights positioned high above the fray and among the active bodies, white and sweaty against a back-drop of black and red satin pillows and low sofas, he saw her standing to one side. She turned around slowly and their eyes locked. The whole world seemed to narrow to just the two of them.

Ophelia! It's been so long since I last held you!

Her smile hadn't changed. It still held that saucy impishness, that knowing smirk. Her dark eyes glimmered as they caught the golden glow of a candelabra, hinting at a promise of untold pleasures to come. Her black hair hung loose to her narrow waist, just tickling the top of the crack of her luscious, round ass. Her black leather corset pushed her ample breasts up, exposing the rosy points of her erect nipples. How delicious they would taste as his tongue encircled them! 
Did she still wear the same cologne, her favorite scent of lily-of-the-valley? Was her pussy hot and moist and tight and ready for him to fill it? Edwin sighed and licked his lips. He hadn't realized how much he had missed Ophelia until that moment.

I'll be with you soon, my first true love!

I see that Miss Jones has had her usual effect on the male of the species.” Veronique unbuttoned her lab coat, pulled her cashmere sweater over her head, and tossed it aside, exposing her firm tits to view. “Hmm, it appears Dietrich and Klaus are up for play already.”

Edwin noticed his comrades had divested themselves of their clothing and were indeed highly aroused. He began to loosen his collar and belt.

 “I'll catch up with you in a moment. Feel free to start in on the fun, boys.”


A J said...

Yayy! Edwin and Ophelia are back! :) A neat setting, too.

Congratulations on the new release!

Celine said...

Thank you, AJ. That's fine praise coming from a great writer such as yourself! ;)