Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Coming New Year Brings a New Excerpt...

Merry Christmas (or "Happy Holidays" if that suits you better) and a Happy New Year! :-)

With the old year quickly passing, and the new year quickly approaching, what better than to post an excerpt about someone who experiences the passage of time a bit differently? And what better excerpt than from my time travel erotic-romance story, Hanging with a Time Surfer?

Hanging with a Time Surfer
by Celine Chatillon
Liquid Silver Books

When Shelby meets the mysterious Quentin it's lust at first...grope. Deciding that it's time she made some changes in her life, Shelby agrees to accompany her new lover on a trip, only to discover that Quentin is indeed the rogue 42nd century time agent he says he is. Surfing the Time Vortex on his "time board”, the pair experience erotic adventures throughout history from the distant past to the Civil War era to the future… where an orgy ship houses an evil nemesis ready to cash in on the reward for Quentin's capture. Will Shelby be able to use her newly acquired sexual skills to save her man and return to St. Louis before it’s too late?

WARNING: This novel contains group sex, m/f/m, f/f, alien sex, oral sex, spanking, bondage

An excerpt from Hanging with a Time Surfer:

How can I say no to such a sexy man?

Shelby Schwartz moaned in her sleep and rolled to her back. It had been difficult drifting off to sleep in the weeks since Graham had left her, but tonight was different. Exhausted by a long day at the office, she had collapsed into bed and fallen quickly into a deep sleep. A deep, erotic-dream-filled sleep that made her hunger for a man’s intimate touch to pleasure her throbbing pussy... Instead she knew she would have to gratify her own sensual needs. Half asleep she reached over to the bedside table and groped around for her well-used vibrator.

She screamed as she felt the warmth of a human hand instead.

“Who are y-y-you?” she stammered, sitting up in bed and reaching for the lamp switch. The stranger removed her hand from the toggle before she could switch on the light and cradled it tenderly in both of his.

“No need to be upset. I won’t harm you. I was just passing through, and I heard you moaning in you sleep. I figured you needed a little... help.”

Help. Yeah, that’s exactly what she needed--help to find her phone and to dial 9-1-1 before she ended up chopped into soup-sized bits in this maniac’s food processor.

“I... I didn’t realize my voice carried quite so well through these brick walls.” She slowly curled her legs beneath her, preparing to bolt from the opposite side of the bed, explode toward the exit and fly down the steps and out the front door before her visitor even had a chance to go for his machete. “Or maybe I need to replace the windows. Pity, since the contractor told me they were top of the line.”

“Yes, there are. I can tell you’ve done a great job rehabbing this old brownstone. But don’t worry--it’s sound proof. I heard your sighs in my own dreams, and I surfed on in to investigate. Is this twenty-first century Saint Louis?”

Shelby blinked and stared hard toward the man with the resonant baritone voice kneeling next to her bed and holding her hands. She could only make out his silhouette in the darkness--and what a silhouette it was!

He was built like a Rams linebacker with broad, muscular shoulders tapering down to svelte waistline to what she could only assumed was a nice ass . And the big, strong hands that held hers made her imagine only how well-endowed he’d be in the crotch area... What a shame he was a common criminal who broke into single women’s homes and scared them half out of their wits at one o’clock in the morning. If she had brought him home from the bar she frequented after work, she would have been more than happy to put her vibrator away and ask if he’d like to help scratch her “itch”.

“Twenty-first century?” she said slowly, deliberately. Okay, maybe her visitor was just a plain ol’ delusional psycho and not a chainsaw murderer or run-of-the-mill rapist. If she could keep him talking, she stood a chance of getting out of this situation unharmed. “What century do you think you live in? The eighteenth?”

Shelby could have sworn she heard a smile in the stranger’s silky voice as he answered, “Why, the forty-second, of course.”

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