Monday, December 05, 2011

A Beautiful Dreamer Time of the Year...

Mark your calendar for a Holiday party with eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies on December 10 and 11, 2011. Watch the web site ( or eXtasy's readers' Yahoo group (The eX Factor) for the location. Prizes will be drawn throughout both days. WIN eBooks from the publisher, prizes from authors, and for all readers who attend the party -- eXtasy will draw a winner for a laptop/notebook and also for a Kindle Fire. Bring your friends and come have fun with us!

It's getting closer to the holidays--a time when beautiful dreams can come true!

In honor of the season, here's an excerpt from my erotic-romance novel set in the wilds of small town Texas, BEAUTIFUL DREAMER:

Beautiful Dreamer
by Celine Chatillon

Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues.

A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't really the "love 'em and leave 'em" type of woman he's used to entertaining in bed, and he’s worried. But by the end of the week--and after surviving a series of livestock-related calls and some "sleepless" nights--Cody is able to conquer both his fear of stampeding cattle and his fear of commitment.


Excerpt set-up: Marianne takes a dose of a magic "sleep potion" and sleepwalks into the arms of the handsome sheriff.

Marianne yanked her gauzy gown over her head and flung it aside with a playful flourish, revealing her total lack of undergarments. Cody had to face the awful truth: He was lost, lost forever in the sensuous spell of the most imaginative lover he had ever known.

Shimmering moonlight slanted through the window blinds, bathing the exquisite dark-eyed beauty above him in an iridescent glow. The hypnotizing dance of light and shadows gracefully accentuated the roundness of her breasts and the pertness of her dark pink nipples. She obliged him by bending lower to kiss his forehead, offering her twin charms to his hungry lips to taste and tease until she cried for more pleasures from his roving hands. She guided his palms from her breasts down to the moist heat between her thighs, aching for a more intimate touch.

Miraculously, Cody's shirt and holster melted away, leaving his bare torso free to Marianne's curious tongue as she playfully teased his nipples into hard peaks, sliding ever lower toward the waistband of his cotton boxers peeking through his open zipper.

Cody's eyes snapped opened. Sitting up, he cupped her firm buttocks in his capable hands and scooted her face nearer to his own, trapping her enchanting eyes in his somber gaze.

"We'd better stop right here before we regret our actions later. I think it's better if we...”

The words died on his lips as she smothered his protest with a kiss, a long and demanding kiss, a kiss that sent his senses rocketing, intensifying his tenseness until he was certain his whole body would blow up on the launch pad. Just when he thought she'd come up for air she probed deeper. Tongues intertwining in a lover's tango of passion and promise, Cody knew he had never experienced a kiss quite like it before. This in spite of the fact in high school he'd once dated the entire Starling County High School varsity cheerleading squad within a period of one week.

"Ah, hell," he muttered when at last her lips released his. Without further regret, he kicked his boots off faster than a mule in a rage. His trousers soon followed suit. Nothing more than his now-wet-with-excitement boxers separated them from consummating their mutual desire.

Still, his sense of decency told him he had to resist.

"Marianne, you're tempting me beyond the brink, but you know we can't." Cody took a deep breath, steadying his nerves. Somehow he had to talk her out of this situation without hurting her feelings or losing anymore of his clothing. "We have to think about your health and reputation. I don't have anything on me for, uh, you know, protection."

Marianne paused in her litany of kisses upon his neck and brow. She drew back, blinking rapidly as she stared into his serious hazel-green eyes.

"The brave and handsome knight travels without the sheath to his sword?"

He exhaled a painful sigh. "Yes, yes, that's right. I left it along with my white horse back at the castle."

Her eyes slanted. She quickly reached behind herself and picked up his trousers, plucking his billfold out of the pocket.

"My good lord always carried his sheath in his moneybag just in case." A wicked grin graced her love-swollen lips as she withdrew the forgotten condom from his billfold and waved it inches from his nose. "It appears ye do likewise."

Cody blinked, then blinked again. His square jaw widened to the size of the Palo Duro Canyon. How had that gotten in his wallet? Then it dawned on him. He had picked up a pair of condoms off the ground outside the gymnasium after making his obligatory visit to the senior prom a few weeks back. They were brand-spanking new and in good shape, and he had thought he'd keep them just in case anyone ever needed any for just such an emergency.

"Uh, yeah, it appears I do, too." He cleared his cracking voice. "But it doesn't mean we have to...”

Covering his lips with hers, Marianne effectively silenced any further objections. Her butterfly fingers fluttered across his shoulders and down his sides, coming to a comfortable rest at his tight buns. Caressing him with unrestrained passion, she struggled to remove their remaining barrier.

"Allow me," Cody said, giving up the fight. He rolled his temptress to the side before carefully sliding his shorts down over his saluting cock.

Marianne's eyes widened. "My lord has indeed been blessed with a very ... broad sword."

 Beautiful Dreamer is available from Liquid Silver Books:

And don't forget you can enjoy excerpts from my holiday erotic-romance stories in previous blog postings. ;)


Ann Raina said...

Hi Celine,
I really loved this excerpt! Great writing style and full of humor. Almost the best way to get a reader adicted to a story. Have a great holiday season! Ann Raina.

Celine said...

Thanks, Ann, for your kind words!

A very happy holiday season to you and yours, too...

Celine ;)