Friday, August 11, 2017

Two's Company and Three's... A Lot of Fun! (Excerpt from PlayMate)

Now available from eXtasy Books... 
The first story in the Heavenly Bodies series.


Lelia thought living and working alone on an asteroid was an ideal job. Far from the maddening crowds, she values her peace and quiet, but soon she finds she longs for company of an amorous kind. Following a tip from a fellow asteroid miner, she acquires a holographic lover based on the man of her dreams, her friendly postman who visits briefly every two weeks. When postman Del makes an unexpected visit and catches Lelia fooling around with his doppelganger, the fun really begins. Can Lelia handle two Dels at one time? (m/f/m, m/f)

And now a very hot excerpt from PlayMate. Lelia tries out her new "sex toy" and discovers what all her holographic lover is capable of...

“Am I hard enough? Deep enough? Should I go faster?” he asked without missing a beat.

She panted and moaned with abandon. His flickering tongue danced across her tits, suckling her into the ecstasy of near unconsciousness. Any moment she’d explode and scream so loud that Hak Shaunesi would be able to hear her a million parsecs away—without switching on his com link.

“Oh, harder… faster… please.”

“You’re so tight. It’s driving me mad.”

His hips gyrated a faster tempo. His balls slapped a hard, steady rhythm against her. He tossed back his head and moaned.

“I’m going to shoot everything I got into you. I can’t hold on much longer, Lelia. I can’t hold on… hold on…”

Lelia’s eyes widened at the sight of her holographic lover grimacing with effort to keep from coming. Was that really his cock she felt pulsating inside her? She never got the chance to ask her lover the question for even now a massive orgasm was building deep within her.

“Don’t hold back,” she whispered.

She curved her hips back further and wrapped her legs around him. He obliged her with several deep penetrating thrusts. Her pussy instinctively responded, rhythmically contracting and releasing, sending sensations of white-hot electricity zinging outward from her core. Her thrashing about the counter made it difficult for her accomplice to keep his cock planted inside her, but he improvised well. He gripped her buttocks and held on, pushing her over the bliss-filled heights once more with a swift series of searing strokes and a deafening cry of delight.

Minutes later—and with a little help—Lelia groggily sat up. She was eagerly met by her PlayMate’s dazzling smile and characteristic laugh.

She couldn’t help but notice his huge erection.

He wiggled an eyebrow. “Ready for some more cooking, Lelia?” 

PlayMate is available at eXtasy Books (best price and service), Amazon and where all fine e-books are sold. 

Coming next month--more sci-fi outer-space adult fun with the second story in the Heavenly Bodies series, Galactic Guerillas. Jenna wakes up and finds herself lying beside her favorite sci-fi TV show hero. Can the sexy man in her bed be for real?

Out now, Under the Midnight Sun, a  hot summer short about a very horny shape-shifting wilderness guide named Wolf and Penny, the archeologist and fun-loving girl of his dreams. From eXtasy Books, of course.


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