Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sparkly or Non-Sparkly--You decide!


In all the recent hub-bub around Dark Shadows the movie, it got me wondering: How do modern readers see vampires?

Are they "lost souls" who were damned eternally and long to become human once more?

Are they "blood-suckers" who hunger for blood and the thrill of the hunt and will do anything to satiate their thirst?

Are they aliens from another world with a taste for rather odd cuisine?

Are they characters from a fantasy world that includes pixies, sprites and fairies? (In other words, do they sparkle like Tinkerbell in Disney's Peter Pan?)

Can they cross flowing water? Can they see their reflection in a mirror or glass? Can they abide crucifixes and crosses? 

Do they have to "rest" in the daylight hours or can they venture out into the sun, provided they take some extra precautions with their delicate skin?

Since I just signed a contract for my next vampire erotic-romance BLOOD BOND, I'm curious. I want to know how readers view the entire vampire experience. Please share your viewpoints in the comment section below. You might even see one of them incorporated into my next vampire tale. Thank you.


Janice Seagraves said...

I love paranormal books where the writer has taken the time to properly word build their story.

In Kim Harrison's Hallow series, there's living vampires that can walk during the daylight hours, but after they die they come back as traditional vampires that can't take the sunlight.

In J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood stories, the vampires are again living vampires but they also can eat real food and have children. But they still take blood in order to survive, however, it has to be from the opposite sex.

In Jim Butcher's Dresden files, the vampires are nearly all bad with three different types. Some true vampires and some that can walk in daylight.

In Laurel Hamilton's Anita Blake books, the vampire are closer to true vampire but need love too. :)

I love these books.

So as long as I can suspend believe (and the vampires don't sparkle) I'll read it.


A J said...

That's my take too - if they don't sparkle, I'll accept it! =)

Rosanna Leo said...

I don't have a problem with sparkles, per se, as long as the author hasn't done away with most of the traditional vamp lore. I write about vamps too, and love to give them unique powers, but they still drink blood. They are usually pale. They can die in the sun, as well as other familiar traits. It's nice to have a twist, but they should be familiar.

Celine said...

Thanks for the feedback, y'all. I have to say I'm leaning toward the more "traditional" vampire lore, as it makes the most sense to me personally. When you start adding different traits (like the sparkles) you are creating a whole different type of fantasy character. If that's the case, then you can't call them "vampires" anymore. It's not that you can't create new fantasy characters and use them in your books, it's just that you'd have to give them a new name, IMO.

But I could be totally off base here and I appreciate more comments! ;)