Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun Fangs, Book Titles and Other Miscellaneous Ramblings

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, so here it goes. :)

With the recent release of Blood Betrayal (two weeks earlier than I had been told previous), I've been all over the web doing my best to give it a proper send-off. This past weekend, I participated in The Romance Studio's St. Patrick's Day Party, and I gave away a copy of Blood Betrayal to reader Michele Ann. (Congrats, Michele!) I also got to read and comment on some nice comments from readers there. I haven't done many book giveaways in recent times, but if it looks like sales are doing well, I'll keep them up. I do enjoy reader parties, so if you know of any chats, loop parties or blog parties, let me know.

I've also posted a longer free excerpt of Blood Betrayal on Goodreads and have been joining some readers' and writers' groups there as well. So, if you've not befriended me on Goodreads yet, please hit the "big g" link to the right of the screen and join me. Thank you.

Now that I've started up a new series of vampire tales, I've got my own author page at The Vampire Book  Realm complete with very cool fun fangs with dripping  blood. You gotta love it! Check it out:

Finally, I've decided what to do about the incredibly long (yet unique)  title for my humorous science fiction/fantasy erotic romance series, Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. I'm going to keep it as is. I know Brandi wasn't too fond of the idea of changing it. (You can read her take on the issue at her blog of course-- . ) However, I think those who answered the poll pretty much said they thought it worked for them, so why fix something if it ain't broke, right? I do wish the sales would pick up on it, but possibly it's time to bring the series to a quick close.

Right now, Brandi is about to enter the court of King Ricardo the Party Pooper... and we're going to find out more about Scarlet Willie's shocking past (He's--eegad! A royal personage!) and Robin is going to encounter his former girlfriend once more, the beautiful yet cold Marian Maidenform. Things haven't quite come to a satisfactory end to the series, but perhaps they could be speeded up to end in a story or two. But what say you, dear reader? Should I start another poll to find out your preferences?

Hang in there, you'll find out. ;-)

P.S. You can see my photos from last week's Kawa Kon at my Facebook author page--hit the link to the right. Guaranteed to please Doctor Who fans. ;)


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