Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Into the New Year with an Excerpt!

We've made it into 2012--and the Mayan calendar is still up and running! :)

To celebrate the new year in style and to get in the mood for the upcoming Mardi Gras celebrations, here's a brief excerpt from my "Fantasy Games"  story, Operation: Seduction! 

Operation: Seduction!
by Celine Chatillon
eXtasy Books

Mallory wants some "superhero" hot fun in the boardroom with her shy co-worker "Kent Clarke". But can the gorgeous geek deliver?

"Stand up, Kent."

He frowned but continued typing.

All right, so be it. The man wouldn't know what was going to hit him next, but the hurricane was coming. I undid the leather belt at my waist and slid it out of my skirt loops.

"Stand up now, Kent Clarke, or you're going to be spanked like the naughty boy you are."

That got his attention. He looked up from his laptop screen with large blue eyes full of equal measures of fear and awe. 

"Excuse me? Mallory, do you feel okay? I think you've been working too hard on this project."

I snapped the belt. "No, the problem is I haven't had you work hard on me yet. Now get up!"

Operation: Seduction!
Available at eXtasy Books: 

 I've posted at least one excerpt from all my current releases (except from the Brandi Whyne series, which you can find here), so I'm open to suggestions for excerpt postings of your choice. Drop me email or post a comment below and let me know what you desire... Thanks.

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