Friday, January 18, 2008

The secret to sexual compatibility?

Here's an article that made me think twice. (Maybe more than twice!):

And it got me scratching my head... Just what is the secret to sexual compatibility?

We casually say things like “opposites attract” and “there’s security in familiarity”, but for every couple you meet that are complete opposites in personality that seem to have a good relationship you’ll find another couple that look like identical twins—they dress, think and breathe alike—and they seem perfectly happy together, too.

With so many contradictions in the world, how do we discover this sexual compatibility secret?

This one paragraph offers a glimmer of hope to solving this mystery:

At least one study has suggested that it’s not so much the other person’s personality as it is yours. Happy people tend to be happy in relationships. The lovers and spouses of people who are less negative in their outlook and behavior tend to be more satisfied, too.

It’s that simple. “Happy people tend to be happy in relationships.” Uh-huh. I can grasp that statement.

But really—that’s all it is? I mean, doesn’t physical attractiveness and sexual technique play a role in this complex equation? With all those “Viva Viagra!” commercials playing on television lately, you’d think that all it took to obtain sexual capability is for the guy to pop a pill or two and swing his partner around on the dance floor a few times.

But what if one person in the relationship refuses to be “happy” and enjoys acting out in a negative fashion? That would sabotage the entire relationship it apears. After all, it takes two to tango. Both dancers have to be dancing to the same tune.

So, what can you do if you’re the “not-so-happy person” in the relationship or the “happy person” and your partner acts the complete opposite? I haven’t a clue. But if you have any good advice on how to put both partners on the same level of happiness and insure sexual capability, I think everyone would appreciate your insights as well. So, leave your words of wisdom in the comment box below.

Here’s to “happily every after” in our stories—and our relationships.

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