Thursday, December 13, 2007

Joyfully Reviewed loves Brandi Whyne!

Check out the latest reviews of my Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures series at Joyfully Reviewed. Mega-thanks to Barb for all her kind words. You can read them online at:

and here are a few good juicy bits:

Captured by Space Pirates! is a book that takes Spaceballs and mixes it with Men in Tights, then adds a hefty dose of the fashion sense of a Victoria Secret Catalogue. The reader starts smiling from the first sentence and is captivated by the wit and unorthodox, campy humor of Ms. Chatillon. Ms. Chatillon enthralls and holds onto the reader with twists and turns that keep the reader in a very happy state of mind.

Lashed at the Mast! continues where Captured by Space Pirates leaves off. It is a diverse and zany story. Ms Chatillon persuades the reader that life and sex are as funny as one thinks they are when one is younger. She develops characters introduced in the first book, as well as adding new characters that make the reader sit up and laugh. Ms. Chatillon’s sense of humor is vivid and complex and a joy to behold.

Intense and amusing writing makes Bound for Adventure a romp that continues to give the reader’s mind a workout as to new uses for everyday items in people’s lives. An enjoyable frisky frolic from Ms. Chatillon.

Entertaining and full of jollity, Little John’s Big Problem is a yarn that the reader relishes from beginning to end. Once again Ms. Chatillon draws the reader in and makes them pay attention. The start of each episode of her Brandi Whyne series grabs the reader and by the end, the reader is totally entranced. Another wonderful tale of Brandi Whyne.

Kinky and a bit perverse (in the good way), The Search for Brandi’s Crack is a story a reader enjoys from beginning to end. Drawing on the colourful characters from the previous chapters, Ms. Chatillon gives the reader what they want. A well-written tale that makes the reader laugh out loud and care for her characters. I anxiously await Chapter Six in Brandi’s adventures.

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