Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Great reviews for OF FLESH AND BLOOD

My cohorts Tina Holland and Darragha Foster and I garnered an excellent review for our vampire erotic-romance anthology OF FLESH AND BLOOD from the notoriously harsh reviewer “Mrs. Giggles". (Yes, that's her name.) Here’s a bit of what Mrs. G had to say about it:

“OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology of three stories featuring
vampires. This is an interesting read indeed.

(About my novella “Blood Betrayal”) Vlad and Leo Van Helsing find
themselves waging a war with each other with poor Sofia Martinelli being caught in the middle as a pawn. Both men were really sadistic
and twisted in their own right so this one is a deliciously disturbing story that appeals greatly to my enjoyment of ghoulish and macabre elements.

OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology that is far more enjoyably creepy than it is romantic. Still, it is a most interesting read that I suspect will go down well with readers who like erotic horror. All three stories are certainly memorable in their own right. All in all, I believe I am pretty pleased with this one.”

Wow—we got a rating of 84 points, too. (This from a reviewer who gave one NY Times best-selling author a “4” out of 100 on one of her books!)And she called my story "deliciously disturbing". Cool!

Be sure to check out OF FLESH AND BLOOD at Liquid Silver Books:

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