Sunday, June 03, 2007

Please Write to Romantic Times and Katy Books on my behalf...

If you bought a copy of my book Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door at the Romantic Times bookfair in Houston, please email/write/call the bookseller and RT magazine and tell them that you did so!

Here's the gist of my dilemma:

Here's the response I finally got from the RT Bookseller on why I hadn't received a check from them:

Ms. Appel: I have received your inquiry on payment for your consignment books. Our records indicate that you left without checking out; thus, we donot have an agreed number of books sold. I, personally, checked for authorswho I had been advised were not at the table when the volunteer went tocheck them out and found your area empty and all books were gone. We assumed that you had left and taken your books with you. All authors were to allow us to count their remainders before leaving

We have no proof of any books sold for you and are unable to remit payment on an unagreedquantity; therefore, we will be unable to remit payment.The introductory letter submitted to you prior to your sending us your orderstated:"At the end of the Fair we will count the unsold books and calculate theamount due to you for the books sold. If you can not be there on Saturday for the checkout process, Katy Budget Books' count will be the final count."

We are sorry you misunderstood the agreement.

Jan Crow

Katy Budget Books Events Coordinator

Store: 281-578-7770

Okay there are SEVERAL things wrong with this message--the biggest thing is that I was told by one of their representatives (wearing a Katy Books Badge) that I was "checked out and free to go now".

So, if their rep told me that I was checked out from the bookfair--then why didn't this person report my sales to her boss? Or is the boss telling me this story above so she gets out of paying authors?

I'm so mad I'm crying! I don't have the resources to be out $168 for 14 copies of my book that I sold. This is just very cruel and unusual punishment for someone who thought she had "done good" at the RT bookfair.

Thanks for any help you can give me in solving this very disheartening dilemma. (Feel free to pass this info. along to any other interested parties.)

The email for Katy Books:

For Romantic Times Magazine:


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