Monday, February 26, 2007

Coming soon... Hanging with a Time Surfer

Get a load of this cool cover for my upcoming (April) time travel erotic-romance, Hanging with a Time Surfer...

Here's a brief synopsis of it:

When Shelby meets the mysterious Quentin it's lust at first...grope. Deciding that it's time she made some changes in her life, Shelby agrees to accompany her new lover on a trip, only to discover that Quentin is indeed the rogue 42nd century time agent he says he is. Surfing the Time Vortex on his "time board”, the pair experience erotic adventures throughout history from the distant past to the Civil War era to the future… where an orgy ship houses an evil nemesis ready to cash in on the reward for Quentin's capture. Will Shelby be able to use her newly acquired sexual skills to save her man and return to St. Louis before it’s too late?

Does that grab ya? :)

Other exciting things happening this month so far--I've finished my vampire novella, Blood Betrayal. I've posted an unedited excerpt online at the Liquid Silver Book Forums... I'll post more soon to my newsletter as it is formally approved. One word of caution, this novella is about a dark and twisted love triangle between a vampire, a vampire hunter and a beautiful yet treacherous woman. (Not "fluffy bunny" stuff by any stretch of the imagination!)

And since the last time I posted, I received a nice review from Sensual Reads for my spicy sci-fi story collection Heavenly Bodies. Here's a blurb from it:

Playmate, Alien Seduction, Diplomatic Relations and Heavenly Bodies are guaranteed to keep you warm during the coldest of winters. Beautifully written, Celine Chatillon adds wit and humor to these intensely sensual stories. (Four Roses)—Zoe Knighton for Sensual Reads

Thanks, Zoe!

My "My Space" friends tally grows by leaps and bounds... If you've not befriended me yet, do so at

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day. Spring is only a few weeks away. We can make it!


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