Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coming soon... Bound for Adventure!

Bound for Adventure! Chapter 3 in the BRANDI WHYNE AND HER INCREDIBLY EROTIC ADVENTURES is coming soon... like within a week soon.

I would post the cover here, but Blogger is being incredibly difficult today. I'll try to update this thing later with the cover art. Here's the riveting synopsis in the meantime:

In Chapter Three: Bound for Adventure! Brandi goes undercover but is soon found out by sexy smuggler Daro. She bravely faces death by oversized dildo—until Robin and the gang save the day. After Dr. Kwak’s “rat poison” interrogation, it appears Daro is working for dreaded inter-dimensional bandits. What can they do? Why, Robin takes charge of the situation by announcing its time for a ship wide orgy, of course!

More on earlier and upcoming chapters online at http://www.celinechatillon.com/brandi.html

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