Friday, June 23, 2006

BRANDI WHYNE lives again!

For those two or three of you who may be wondering--Brandi Whyne and her Incredibly Erotic Adventures lives again!

Chapter Two--Lashed at the Mast! Has been edited and should be released soon. Keep your appendages crossed that it is sooner rather than later. The first chapter was released in late April, and the second installment should have been out in May. Of course, there were "publisher's problems" and it was delayed. Hopefully the serialized novel is back on track with Chapter Three--Bound for Adventure! following in a reasonable amount of time.

That is, if I finish up the edits on it this weekend. Don't worry--I'll be good and work on it. I swear. After I watch my bootleg Doctor Who episodes... I promise.

(For those of you in the vast majority who have no earthly idea what I'm going on about, please go to and you'll see. You must be 18 or older to enter. Or else you get the wet noodle lashing... I know you like it, but there!)


Unknown said...

Good luck on your weekend edits. I just handed in round one of my edits two days again. I'm expecting round two shortly.

Ashley Ladd

Cindy A. Matthews said...

Hey, I did it! Luckily they weren't that bad... I did catch a lot of typos the editor didn't see, however.

I guess I'm not the only person who goes blind after looking at the screen all day!