Saturday, April 04, 2015

Coming soon... Vampires!

Coming April 15 from eXtasy Books...

Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy,-Sailor-,-Vampire-,-Spy/

Book 5 in The Kindred Vampires series

Can MI agent Anna Nightingale rescue a kidnapped scientist from the Soviets, save both her lovers, and come to terms with her vampire heritage?

More about the Kindred Vampires series at eXtasy Books:

You can meet Anna for the first time in Blood in Berlin: 

Also coming soon, a print book featuring my contemporary vampires stories.

Clan Drakul: The Kindred Vampires will contain two complete stories, The Vampire Next Door and its prequel Blood Betrayal. Stay tuned for details.


A J said...

Sweet! The Cold War just got HOT! =)

Celine said...

LOL!!! It did indeed, AJ. ;)

And believe it or not, there was/is such a field of study concerning "orgone energy" and that sex supposedly releases it as Narcissa says in the story... So the Cold War and actual "science" (or pseudo-science) is much "hotter" than one would think!