Monday, February 17, 2014

A nice review of Blood Bond

It takes a while to get a book review nowadays, and at last I have one for Blood Bond:

This was an entertaining short read... I liked Edwin. He was innocent and sweet and a really nice guy. He was “seduced” by Ophelia and Hamlet, but that isn’t a bad thing...Hamlet had that timeless knowledge and wisdom that bespoke a creature that had been around a long, long time. --Lori from Romancing the Book reviews

Thanks, Lori!

 Blood Bond  
Book 2 in the Kindred vampire series

Edwin travels to Liverpool out of duty only to discover desire in the arms of the wildly sensual Ophelia and her darkly exotic employer known simply as Hamlet. When a vampire hunter threatens to destroy Hamlet, the three lovers’ blood bond is tested. Will Edwin be able to save his Kindred sire and return home in time to see the 1904 World’s Fair?
Warning: This story contains m/f/m and m/m/f menage

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A J said...

Great book, and a nice review! =)