Monday, May 20, 2013

A Very Steamy Excerpt to Get Wet & Wild With!

Wet and Wild Blog Hop! It's not quite summer in the northern hemisphere, but it's getting closer by the day. The Wet and Wild Blog Hop is supposed to be about "steamy" things, so why not heat things up a bit with a super-hot excerpt from my SF/Fantasy erotic-romance short story collection Heavenly Bodies?

Synopsis of the short story, Diplomatic Relations:

Rumors have it that the Alliance needs to make a good impression on its newest potential members. But why does the High Commissioner keep mentioning that Cherae Longbow's open-mindedness is an asset in this delicate situation?

Excerpt from Diplomatic Relations:

Cherae put away her papers and unfastened her seat harness. She pulled her lustrous black locks over her ears before squatting between Jax’s legs to give his lengthy penis a good, deep sucking. Martians tasted different than Earth males, she had always thought. They were sweeter. It was like a licking a delectable, cock-shaped candy cane that she could never get enough of. Soon she had him writhing in ecstasy.

“You better sit on me fast, or I’ll rocket this spacecraft back to the moon,” he warned, pushing his seat all the way back.

She deftly tickled his pinkish tip with her tongue. “How romantic. You definitely have a way with words, Jax.”

“You’re the chief negotiator. I’m just a lowly paper-pusher, remember?”

“Lowly? I think not.”

Cherae accepted a hand up. Jax quickly removed her thong as she floated above him. Hooking her feet beneath the armrests for leverage, she impaled herself on his cock, gasping with delight as her pussy muscles clenched about his thickness. She ratcheted her hips in a slow and sensual corkscrew motion. Jax yanked down her jacket zipper freeing her full, round breasts from captivity.

“I want to suckle on your tits from now until the end of time.” Jax groaned, lathing his tongue around her tender points, bringing them to upright attention. “I want to make love to you until all the stars supernova.”

“Now that’s romantic,” Cherae murmured. “Good boy, Jax.”

The heat between them grew with each thrust on his cock and pivot of her hips. It wouldn’t be long until she’d feel the shudders begin low in her belly, Cherae knew, spreading outward along her limbs, encompassing her total being. But suddenly she remembered that she was a career diplomat with an image to uphold. She couldn’t just shriek and thrash about wildly on a crowded shuttle flight like she usually did as she orgasmed. She had to remain in control.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Jax chuckled. “Don’t deny it. I can feel it. Your cunt can’t get any tighter.”

“I… I can’t. Not here, Jax. It—it wouldn’t be proper.”

He grasped her buttocks and rammed his cock harder, fingering her clit for good measure. “Don’t fight it. No one on this shuttle will say an unkind word if you tear off this blanket and scream ‘fuck me’ until you topple over in ecstasy.”

The sound of a couple doing exactly as Jax just described echoed throughout the cabin. Cheers and catcalls followed—along with several more boisterous lovemaking cries. Cherae shook her head and tried to pull back, but he would have none of it. He drove his cock deeper into her yet.

“No, I’ve got to preserve decorum,” she said, panting. “I’ve got to follow protocol. I can’t just… just…”

Jax suckled her nipples without mercy until she felt like screaming. She bit her lip but the pain couldn’t erase the intensity of the pleasure he gave her. His thrusts grew her harder and faster with a hammering cadence that could only cease with his release. She gripped his shoulders as the start of uncontrollable tremor threatened to engulf her, threatening to scramble her brain and raze her sense of modesty forever. Batting the blanket away from her face, she tilted her head back and cried, “Oh, yes! Harder, please. Fuck me hard… Oh, oh… Yes!”

Their cover floated away in the zero-g environment along with Cherae’s flowing black mane. Her pointed breasts rose, glistening with perspiration, glowing golden in the cabin’s soft light. She felt as free as an eagle soaring over the plains—wild like an animal in heat.

Heavenly Bodies
by Celine Chatillon
Mojocastle Press

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Don't be afraid to leave a comment--I will host a drawing at the end of the blog hop. Why not take a chance and leave me a comment and your email addy? ;)

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I like all types of characters, I don't really have a preference.
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Thanks, Kassandra and Maureen for leaving a comment. Any other takers? ;)

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I like all types of characters as long as I like the story.
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Very hot! I like strong well rounded characters, and sexy banter is a must.

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Celine said...

Sexy banter... Oh, definitely! ;)

They say the biggest sex organ is in your head, so banter is very important as a turn on.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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Lovely excerpt,sounds interesting.

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I love alpha males!!!!
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I like the bad boys. For me to really enjoy a steamy-erotica romance, it needs to have a good story to go along with the steaminess.


Celine said...

Hmmm, the bad boys... What is it that makes them sooo appealing? Maybe it's that something we know that isn't good for us that we can't resist? ;)

Thanks for the comments, y'all!

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I enjoy reading a hot, sexy alpha male and a strong heroine who creates sexual tension!

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Love paranormals. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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like alpha heroes

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I like reading anything steamy!
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I read all sorts of erotic, military, pararnormal,m/m, menage, BDSM. I am not picky i just love a great book.

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I read all kinds, but I do love a good strong alpha male. :)

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I love reading about all different kind of characters as long as they are interesting.
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I love all different types. Keeps things interesting! :) Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway! Its tons of fun!

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Sorry for the delay, but we've been moving house over the Memorial Day weekend and hit a few snags, one of them not having Internet access when we had hoped.

I will be drawing a winner for afree ebook by Friday (fingers crossed). Thanks for your patience and thanks for leaving a comment at my blog during the Wet & Wild Blog Hop!

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