Thursday, April 04, 2013

Kindle ebooks and a $5 store credit--check it out!

Some great news from my publisher, eXtasy Books!

Because of a bad web server and the web site crashing this past week, publisher Tina Haveman has issued the following statement:

"All customers [will be] given 5 dollar credit for the bad experience of the last few days... They don't have to spend 20 dollars to use the credit. It's a gift from us that they can use right away."

Yes, that's right--you can get free ebooks with this credit with no wait. :)

And here's some more great news--Kindle versions of all Devine Destinies/eXtasy Books are available now at the publisher's web sites. Experience great customer service at the best prices in one of the most popular e-formats out there today.

Be sure to consider purchasing one of my books with your $5 credit!


My book listings at eXtasy Books:

My Cynthianna book listings at Devine Destinies Books:

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