Tuesday, February 05, 2013

And now a word from Brandi Whyne...

Hello again, darlings!

Yes, it's me, Brandi Whyne interrupting Celine's Dreams blog in order to get my ghost writer Celine's attention. The darn woman is just too busy for her own good! She has promised me that she will write the next chapter in my saga soon... That is, after she's written the next chapter in the Kindred vampire series! Sheesh! Of all the nerve!

 Actually, Celine's vampires are quite hot and the latest, Blood Bond, is not too bad a read if I say so myself. Check them out at eXtasy Books. You can even purchase Kindle ebooks direct from the eXtasy online store now. Saves you time and makes more money for those poor slaving authors! A win-win all around, if I don't say so myself...

(You can read more about me and my series at my blog: http://brandi-whyne.blogspot.com or find them all for sale at http://www.extasybooks.com/index.php?route=product/series&series_id=988)

Well, until we meet again, please continue reading my Incredibly Erotic Adventures and tell all your friends with new Kindles or Nooks or whatever to keep reading them as well.




P.S. If you're into the tamer, mainstream romance stories, don't miss the MFRW Mainstream Blog Hop February 10 - 13. Lots of great prizes, ebooks, and giveaways to be had. Never say that Brandi isn't a romantic at heart! Click the link for more info about the blog hop:

Marketing For Romance Writers Blog Hops

We now return this blog to its rightful owner... :)

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