Sunday, December 02, 2012

Xmas Party Time at eXtasy/Devine Destinies Books is full of Prizes!!

We'll be traveling this week, but handsome hubby and I will do our best to show up at the first party. We'll attend the second party for certain. So drop by the chat room and chat with some wild and crazy authors. Your name will be included in the drawing to win some fantastic prizes--including a Kindle e-reader. The parties will be held at

Ho, ho, ho! Santa's little helpers are certainly alive and well at eX/Devine Destinies Books. :)

EXTRA: Congrats to readers Kathy and Barbara who knew the answer to my question, "What is the name of my race of vampires/series from eXtasy?" They won a copy of my holiday erotic-romance Yes, Virginia, Here Comes Santa Claus. Hope to see you at the next eXtasy chat!

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