Sunday, May 29, 2011

I love me some pirates!

Yo-ho-ho! I do love me some pirates... particular the ones that hang out at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival in the merry month of May. Let me show you some and see if you don't agree with me.

These strapping lads are part of the singing and comedy troupe the Musical Blades. They can tell a naughty joke and sing a rowdy song with the best of them. Can you tell which pirate caught my eye?

You're right--it's their captain. He had a great singing voice--honestly! Why else would he stand out? ;)

Bill from 3 Pints Gone joyously sings the infamous "Moose Song". This pub song is definitely for mature audiences only. (Please don't call the SPCA on him!)

They even got an ASL signer into the act (far right). Can you imagine signing the words to a naughty drinking song? Me neither! (What a great sport he was to keep up!)

My hubby likes the sweet sounds of the Limeybirds. Yes, who wouldn't love a trio of buxom songstresses singing about what they enjoy doing in the hardware store: "He asked me for nails, so nail him I did,,,and I don't work there anymore!"

Unfortunately, the batteries gave out in my camera before I could take anymore photos, but I sure did have a lot of the Musical Blades for some reason...

I do love me some pirates... I can't wait until September when the St. Louis Pirate Festival comes to town. Yo-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

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