Monday, April 04, 2011

Stop the Presses!

Stop the presses! This is out-of-this world news (of a sort). ;)

A photograph that I snapped two years ago at the Dogtown St. Patrick's Day parade will be featured in an upcoming episode of "Car Science" on SPEED TV. The episode will be airing Wednesday, April 6th on SPEED at 10pm EST. Here is a link to the page on SPEED for the TV schedule:

We don't get the SPEED TV channel, but if you do, please check the episode out for me and tell me when my photo shows up. Thanks! It appears that you can watch older episodes of "Car Science" on Hulu, so eventually I hope to see it.

Wow... I never would have imagined something like this would have happened to me. You post a photo on Flickr to show friends and a TV producer tracks you down and asks if they can show it on their show. No money involved, alas, but she did say she'll send me a DVD of the show. Cool!

If you wanna see the photo of the "motorized bar stool" car, here's the link:

Have you ever had a snapshot you've taken noticed by someone else other than family and friends before?

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