Sunday, April 25, 2010


Chip-chip! Cheerio! We're off on an African safari... Not quite! Keep reading to see where these wonderfully costumed individuals are up to.

Steampunk takes on the science fiction genre from a sort-of-Jules Verne or H.G. Wells point of view. These photos were taken recently at the first annual Steamposium convention. This shot shows Captain (Professor) Theophilus Saxe admiring a bit of steampunk ingenuity at the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. "Marvelous stuff!" cried the professor. What does it do? We haven't a clue!

Baron Von Bar demonstrated his portable refreshment device. Quite interesting. I can imagine it would be very popular at fraternity parties and spring holidays for collegiate types.

Professor Saxe stands proudly at the gates. Pith helmets and paramilitary garb seems to work well within the steampunk genre. (And it just plain looks good while standing next to an example of Victorian architecture.)

The professor enjoyed a ride in a Victorian "lift" even while it was grounded at the architectural display at the City Museum.

Advanced weaponry with a brass and copper twist were evident. This Prussian officer's weapon was quite imposing (but harmless).

Who you going to call when you have Victorian era ghosts? You know who--Ghostbusters Steampunk style!

You can never how too many brass bits on your head. Never at a steampunk tea party!

These charming gentlemen were typical of your steampunk enthusiast. Extremely bright and creative, you can see that our gent in the red waistcoat doesn't let the 9 pound mechanical arm resting on his shoulder frighten him away.

Because, after all, steampunk is a fun activity for the whole family--right down to the youngest explorer in the group. The professor and I certainly had a good time at Steamposium and can't wait until we can don our pith helmets and brass goggles once more.


Anne said...

Great pictures! I only heard about the steampunk genre about 3 months ago and now I read about it every where. (I actually read one, but thought it was in the fantasy genre.)

She said...

Steampunk is different. There's a steampunk group I saw on YouTube--Abney Park. They are really good, especially their Airship Pirate.

Celine said...

I've heard of Abney Park--I think I heard they might be playing at TeslaCon in November up in Madison, WI, too. :)

A lot of steampunk falls into the fantasy genre, Anne, so you're ot wrong. Some seem a bit more hard sci-fi, but a lot mix in elements of the paranormal or mythical, too. It's got something for everyone, really. ;)