Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cannibal Feast!!

What were you expecting on the week of Halloween? A cheery little blog about a quaint little garden party complete with tea and crumpets and scones with lemon curd?

This past week we were invited to a cannibal feast… And yes, a dead corpse was there along with pate of gray matter and other yummy bits like eyeballs, fingers and worms in dirt. After all, once you dismember the corpse and roast its innards, the worms get to have their feast on the leftovers.

One can’t arrive at a cannibal feast in just any ol’ regalia. Oh, no, no, no. One must arrive in the manner one has been invited, which means simply you can’t come dressed up as Dora the Explorer or Tinkerbelle (unless she’s a Goth Tinkerbelle with fangs—that would do nicely). So, my better half and I came as a gun-shot victim and a vampire victim from the 18th century. Our re-enactment clothing has really come in handy this year, as you can tell.

This fall has been cold and dark and damp here in the middle of the country, and what with the lackluster economy, things have seemed a bit bleak lately. It’s good to see that many can put these none-to-happy thoughts behind them and get into the Halloween ghoulish spirit. There’s nothing better to take your mind off your troubles like a good party and dress-up occasion. I recommend it highly. Plus, you could always pretend it’s your boss or co-workers who are being barbecued and presented for your consumption…

Bon appetite! (Burp!)

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