Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hitting the road--and giving you an update!

I'm off on a belated Christmas vacation, so until I return, here's the latest on what all I've been up to:

I’ve always wondered how to get listed in the“Wikipedia”. Well, I’ve not figured how quite yet, but I’ve come close. Check out my two new pages at “Romance Wiki”:
And tell me what all I’ve left out (or should add).

Thanks to everyone who voted for OF FLESH AND BLOOD in the best anthology category in the Love Romances Cafe's Best of 2007 Awards. Tina, Darragha and I didn’t win, but we do appreciate your support. And if you enjoy dark, vampire erotic-romance, check it out at:

I’ll be a featured author at Michelle Pillow's author blog, Pillow Talk Tuesdays, on February 19th. Look for my interview at Thanks Michelle!

My editor for my short story “Shifting Sands” to be featured in the Atlantis Allue anthology had this to say about my hero, Phantom: “He keeps getting more and more interesting… I loved it! The characters, the possible appearance and behavior of an Atlantean, all of it.”

I do enjoy an enthusiastic editor. ATLANTIS ALLURE is slated to be released soon in both e-formats and print by eXtasy Books. If you enjoy paranormal/SF erotic stories set in the mythical Atlantis, this is the anthology for you.

BEAUTIFUL DREAMER rides again! It will be slightly revamped with some hotter love scenes to be re-released by Liquid Silver Books (under my Celine pen name). Editing will begin as soon as I get back from my vacation. So keep it tuned here.

And if I find time (and a willing computer) I'll try to send updates on what all I'm doing on my holiday.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone! (Hee, hee, hee...)

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