Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tell me what to write--please!

A question for all those readers out there--what should I write next?

I feel like I'm at a crossroads here. Celine's latest release isn't selling as well as the book before... And is it because it's a "Molten" erotic-romance (lots of sex and kinky stuff) or because people like vampire stories better than time travel stories?

I have an idea for the third book in the "Paranormal Lovers of St. Louis" series, but if people only want me to write vampire stories, then so be it.

So, this is your place to let me know what you'd like to read next. Do I finish this novel for the paranormal series with a hot and sexy invisible man as the hero (and plenty of menage opportunities!) or do I go a different direction?

(BTW, my vampire novella "Blood Betrayal" will be released in September approximately. Stay tuned for more details. It features Leo the psychopathic villian from Help! I'm Fallng for the Vampire Next Door, too.)

Okay, don't be shy--tell me what to write next or tell me why my super sexy erotic-romance time travel story Hanging with a Time Surfer isn't selling like I think it should. (You can read excerpts from all my books at my web site at the link below in order to make an informed opinion.) Thanks for your input and insights.



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