Monday, May 28, 2007

Vote for our choice of Cover Art!!

Head on over to Darragha Foster's "Chameleons on Plaid Cloth" blog and leave a comment--or leave one here if you can't sign in there--and tell us what you think of our cover art choices for our vampire anthology Of Flesh and Blood.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from YOU, the reader. :)

And here's a quick synopsis of my anthology story, Blood Betrayal, a "prequel" to my novel
Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door to whet your appetite:

How did Val's uncle Vlad meet up the first time with psychic psychopathic vampire hunter Leo Van Helsing? Well, in "Blood Betrayal" you discover that it involves a woman (of course) a beautiful yet deceitful woman named Sofia Martinelli. Vlad is hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Sofia, but she isn't all that she appears to be. When Leo makes his move to capture Vlad, in order to learn the secrets of immortality of the Vampire Kindred race, Sofia must be sacrificed... Only Vlad can "save her" through transforming her into a creature like himself. But will the process itself drive the beautiful Sofia mad? And how will the sadistic Leo react when his plans seem to have been foiled by the pawn he planted in Vlad's arms...

(Warning: This story contains some rather disturbing and graphic sexual situations, as well as some violent sexual situations. Adults only please.)

So, give us your opinion on cover art! How many chances do you get to tell a publisher what you'd like to see on a cover?


Anonymous said...

I like the top pic - very Gothic with that black, white and red color scheme - but the second pic with the guy kissing her throat is better for a book cover. Maybe it'd be better still if she was nekkid, too? ;)

Darragha! said...

Thanks for the comments. Keep them coming!