Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A terrific review from a fellow author!

You don't always receive much feedback from your writing, but when you do, you really cherish every word of it!

Here's a very nice unsolicited review of Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door from erotica author Raquel Taylor:

Melynda Kerpanik is lovely, strong and capable. She is not the kind of woman that breaks a heel and falls down so the bad guy can catch her. These qualities of strength are what endeared me to her from the moment that I met her on page one. She is also extremely funny in a way that made me laugh. I liked her. I enjoyed her company and I immediately missed her when the book was done.

Valentine Drakul is plain and simply HOTT in that dark and moody vampire type way. But there is something light, airy, naturally sexy and fun about Valentine that pulled him into a different realm for me. Torn between what he is and what he longs to be (human), Valentine is the perfect mixture of man and night creature. Valentine would be oh so sexy whether he was human or a vampire. Combined, and slightly tortured, he’s irresistible.

And then there’s Leo Van Helsing—who appealed to me even though I knew I should be running away from him at light speed. There is just something about a gorgeous guy who can get all up in your head…

Help! I’m falling For The Vampire Next Door is filled with likeable characters and hot, sensual romance between two people that I found myself really rooting for. Ms. Celine Chattillon did a marvelous job of drawing me into Val and Mel’s world. The side characters are just as interesting in their own ways as the main characters.

Maybe I’m just bad…but the bad guy in this tale did interesting things to my mind. I’d be sensible enough to run from him, but I may have snapped that heel and took a tumble on purpose so he could catch me. I’d be sorry, oh yes…but oh well.

I can’t give Help! I’m Falling For The Vampire Next Door stars or angels or cups or anything, but I can tell you this…I really enjoyed this book. --Raquel Taylor, author of Death and the Maiden

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