Sunday, November 26, 2006


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Yes, I’m a big Weird Al fan, but this isn’t what this piece is about… unless you happen to suffer from a wild, romantic attraction to the tall, curly-haired song parodist with the accordion. (He is rather cute in a geeky sort of way, isn’t he?)

What I’m blogging about here is the underlying theme of Weird Al’s latest music video—obsession.

In the video (if you haven’t clicked on it yet) you see the Weird Al character stalking a cute gal who works in a Starbucks. She, of course, wants to have nothing to do with this creepy guy. Stalking implies a sick and twisted obsession with another individual and is a serious crime, so we’re not going down that path. But the song did get me thinking about obsessions—romantic obsessions—and whether or not I was the only one on the planet who had any.

So, it’s time to spill the beans… Who do you dream about every night or every waking moment of the day? Who would you love to make love to over and over again in spite of the fact you’re currently married or in a long-term relationship? For most of us it’s a TV or movie star or other celebrity we’ve followed in the news for some time. It could be a rock star or other musician or even a professional athlete. But every time you learn that this person will be on TV or at a convention or other event (that you can attend) you want to be there, drooling at a distance over his/her image.

Is this sort of obsession healthy? I don’t know. It depends on how far down the obsession road you “creep”… If you can acknowledge deep down that you’ll never marry Mr. Spock, in spite of the thrills and chills you get whenever you watch classic Star Trek repeats, then you’re probably okay upstairs. If you realized that you’ll never occupy the same social circle that multi-millionaire crooner Barry Manilow does, then you probably still have a hold on reality.

(Okay, I admit it. I’m deliberately picking rather dated obsessions from my past in order to keep you from figuring out who my current obsession is. I just don’t want any more competition since millions of women lust after him as well. But just my luck, you probably have a thing for him already since he’s so totally hot. Oo—rats!)

Of course, the dismally depressing fact that you’ll never meet your idol in the flesh doesn’t prevent you from dreaming that eventually you’ll snare and marry the guy you lust after and give birth to thousands of his little clones. He, of course, in your dreams will be equally enamored of you. This is in spite of the fact that you don’t dwell in the same upper echelons of the “beautiful people”.

Think about it: Brad didn’t dump Jennifer for a nobody—he went after Angelina Jolie.

Worse yet, you probably don’t even share any of the same interests as your love object. Horrors of horrors, you might find each other a deathly boring conversationalist. You may even wake up some morning and realize that it’s merely a physical attraction, a one-sided physical attraction, on your side alone.

Still, the dreams are fun while they last.

But what would happen if you did get the opportunity to meet your obsession in person? Stranger things have happened. You could actually have a mutual acquaintance somewhere on the planet. It’s possible. Some day you could bump into each other at a cocktail party or work setting. Maybe you’d start chatting and get to know each other and discover you have a lot in common (besides lust).

What happens then? Do you act on your “obsession” and throw away your current relationship, your current reality, to go chasing after your dream lover? Or do you turn around and walk away and never look back?

I wonder… Are romantic obsessions ever worth the risk? Or are they just a fun way to pass the time as you live out your humdrum existence?

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