Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How does an erotic-romance author dress?

How does an erotic-romance author dress?

Yes, that’s the subject of this blog—how does an erotic-romance author dress? And how does she behave in public for that matter… Should she behave differently from writers of other genre fiction?

I mean can an erotic-romance author dress a bit more “slinky” than your average, middle-of-the-road “sweet” romance author? Instead of wearing a navy business suit or dress can an erotic-romance writer get away with wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt with a suggestive message?

Is the naughty girl style too much? After all, no matter what a writer writes, she wants to be taken seriously by the reading public. But do the fans harbor “genre expectations”? For example, which person would you most likely buy an erotic-romance from?

An author dressed in a black leather mini-skirt, spike heels and fishnet hose?

Or an author dressed in a business casual ensemble of a conservative blouse and slacks?

There has been a lot of talk about the concept of “author branding” lately. Authors are advised to sell their “brand” rather than their books. The author’s brand is paramount. The author must look good, sound good and deliver the goods… This branding stuff confuses me a bit since it makes an author sound more like a hooker than a writer.

I want to sell my stories to readers—not my body on the street! (Unless it’s to one of these guys):

Everyone says that a good book will sell itself. So does that mean if my book doesn’t sell that I’m just a lousy writer? Or did I not “pimp” myself very well? Who knows?

I’m off to a SF convention this week, and I’d love to know your opinions. Should I dress “slinky” or business casual? Funky or formal? What meets your “genre expectations” of how a paranormal erotic-romance writer should dress?

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