Sunday, July 02, 2006

Christmas in July!!

It's Christmas in July!! Okay, it's not. It's actually much closer to Independence Day, but since I just found a review online for my Christmas novella YES VIRGINIA... HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS, I feel like celebrating early. Here's the blurb:

"I enjoyed this story. There must be a Santa Claus and a romantic one at that, fulfilling Christmas wishes in bringing two people together that need each other, who recognize that they have the same inherent desires and goals. Ginny’s insecurities from her relationship with Bobby are easily swept away by her new lover (Brad). The two find that they have more than just the love of certain sports in common!"

Overall rating: four hearts

sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Glenda K. Bauerle, the Romance Studio

Thanks to Glenda for the review (and sorry I didn't see it before now.)

To keep this feeling of celebration in the air, I'll let you all in on another little secret... Chapter two of BRANDI WHYNE AND HER INCREDIBLY EROTIC ADVENTURES should be released very soon. How soon? I'll let you know the second I know. Members of the Celine's Dreams yahoogroup got to read a little sneak preview excerpt earlier... Join today so you can keep up to date with this exciting serialized novel.

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