Friday, August 25, 2006

Do you think I'm sexy (even if I'm a nerd)?

Do you think I'm sexy (even if I'm a nerd)?

In a recent poll of horny housewives, nine out of ten women said they preferred ogling cowboys buns in bursting-at-the-crotch jeans over staring at a chunky refrigerator repairman with his hairy butt crack peeking over at the top of his baggy work pants. True or false?

Well, of course its true even if I did make the whole survey up! Whats not to love about a cowboy in tight blue jeans? But what other characteristics do women enjoy in a guy? What things turn you on or turn you off? For instance, do you think funny is sexy? What about nerdy or brainy? Can a male in a lab coat turn you on?

In a poll of strange romance writers (re: yours truly), nine point nine women preferred a male with a witty sense of humor, a brain in his head and a twinkle in his eye over rock hard, six-pack abs and flowing long, dark hair. (Notable exception: Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings. He looks great with long black locks, swinging a sword. Sigh!) Stranger still, Ill prefer guys who are balding and slightly flabby (emphasis on slightly) over the cowboy as long as they make me laugh.

Thats not to say that a cowboy in a tight pair of jeans or a Scotsman in kilt (and little else) cant possess a sense of humor

What about you? Do any of these sexy, nerdy and funny TV stars make you squeal with delight?

David the truth is out there Duchovny, star of The X Files

The leather clad Christopher fantastic Eccleston from the BBCs Doctor Who.

Sneaker-wearing David I'm orally fixated Tennant from Doctor Who.

Sure, it helps that these guys are all tall, handsome and have incredible eyes and stage presence. But its the humor they inject into otherwise serious material that makes me go all mushy inside. Theres nothing like a good-looking bloke smiling and joking with you while the universe is threatening to explode or the evil aliens are about to invade to make a girl feel safe and protected.

In other words, Put your strong arms around me and protect from those bug-eyed monsters and dont ever let go!

I cant be the only one out there who digs these beta male characters as the TV ratings prove otherwise. What say you?


Anonymous said...

Hmm... sexy forearms! Okay nerds probably excel in this area for me, too. I'm just not into the "Incredible Hulk" types like some gals are. I think I like them a bit more wiry and flexible. You can get into more "poses" that way as a couple, can't you? ;)

Shiny said...

I actually have a forearm fetish-- That is how I came upon this blog. It's what I notice first, and always lovely on guitar players and often martial arts people.. Normally smaller, more slender guys.
And as far as funny people that don't fit the "sexy" norm, I am so attracted to Drew Carey, Johnny Knoxville, Denis Leary..